Thursday, July 19, 2012

Leather Pochette

Hello! As I promised (to my self ) to post at least once per week, while keeping me up efficient in learning to sew new materials, here I'm with my new leather handbag, or I'd better say "pochette"!
I show you step by step how I made it.

I made it to match with my beige - first and probably last one - Louboutin! And to match with my new orange dress. Let's see if the look can be worn on the next Sunday's friends Wedding. If the weather forecasting doesn't make mistake, we should have a fresh evening. If not I go for the sandals ;)

I made it simple, with soft leather and I like the idea to fold it or keep it under the arm for a more comfortable evening...


  1. WondeRfull Ale! I like it your new pochette...compliments!
    i like your photos ;)
    (I have noticed a detail in the photo: your floral top purchased together in Malta ! )
    See you soon in Italy!

  2. Very nice, I like the detail picture!

    1. Gracias para el comentario :J me gusta tu blog tambien, lleno de ideas bonitas!

  3. Hi Ale! What a cute bag!! Which kind of sewing machine do you use?