Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pochette for Portuguese Girl

As usual I concentrate in projects that are presents for someone I know. In this case the present is for a portuguese friend who lives by the sea. Amazing place. I just didn't go, YET.

This is a purse, a case, for whatever you want to use for (i.e. drawings, tools, notes, cigarettes,…).
I made it with materials that remember me the earth and some embroidery that remind me the ocean, like the portuguese owner likes.

I made it in three different tissues in order to give more contrast to the purse.

Direction L.A.! And some pics...

Today I'm leaving. Direction Los Angeles! I would like to find some crafty shops with some cool ideas. Is anybody out there that has a suggestion to give to me?
I leave Switzerland in the beginning of the Fall…going where the summer is still there! So exited.

Again some pics of Belgium...

..and of Switzerland!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Back to Photos

It has been a long while, a kind of Summer vacation of my mind. I didn't forget about the blog, and I made also several stuff with my sewing machine, but I didn't feel like blogging.
I arrived to the point that I had so many ideas that I didn't know to start with.
But now I just would like come back to the simple things I like to do.
One of them it's taking pictures.

I improved my camera skills and I show you some stuff that I did along the summer.

(Oostende, North Sea, Belgium)

It's time to go back to my projects...and I feel like the Fall gives me always some new inspirations...