Saturday, July 28, 2012

Brussel Mijn Schatje

Hei! I'm in Brussels and I actually want to go today a bit outside from my normal subjects and themes. This is an amazing city with amazing people. You can feel at ease on the street even if you didn't have the time to take a shower or you are walking without a real goal. I suggest not to waste to much time in watching the grand place or the Atomium when you are here, but just take the opportunity to know the people. I always feel good here and the reason why I feel so good it's that there is a great bunch of beautiful people. Those are some of them…

 And this is the real protagonist of Brussel: Did you know the famous BELGIAN FRIES ??

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Leather Pochette

Hello! As I promised (to my self ) to post at least once per week, while keeping me up efficient in learning to sew new materials, here I'm with my new leather handbag, or I'd better say "pochette"!
I show you step by step how I made it.

I made it to match with my beige - first and probably last one - Louboutin! And to match with my new orange dress. Let's see if the look can be worn on the next Sunday's friends Wedding. If the weather forecasting doesn't make mistake, we should have a fresh evening. If not I go for the sandals ;)

I made it simple, with soft leather and I like the idea to fold it or keep it under the arm for a more comfortable evening...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Marine Lavender Bags

I have a big amount of Lavender left from the Wedding's gifts and today I did my first experimental Navy inspired Lavender Bag!

I hope my inspiration doesn't go away with the wind... ;)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Small Bags, Big Bags and Stolen Bags!

HI folk! Right here is my last work. I did 80 small lavender bags for my Wedding guests, gathering pieces of material and fabrics from the last trip: London, Malta and my hometown, Carré, in Italy. I Ordered the fresh seasonal lavender from Provence and attached the card with the date and names. Ah, the writing has been the only duty of my busy Boyfriend. ;)

So this period has been very stressing and full of organizational details. To gather 130 friends and relatives from all around the world and fix and feed them for a weekend, was not very easy. But it was absolutely worth it!!

Friday, when all arrived - try to think of a bunch of students they made parties for an year in Norway and now they see after 3, 5, sometimes 9 years! - was difficult to resist to party all night long; Saturday, after a storm, the weather turned to be perfect. The make up man did an amazing job to hide the signs of tiredness on my face and all the friends surprised us with lectures, videos and so on.
I didn't have such big amount of energy and, come'on, I was under stress until the last minute for arranging here and there small things.. but I was THERE and everybody I care was THERE, so how could I be not happy of the result? :)

Like every worthy adventure, there was also a black mark: a rubbery in the middle of the parking place at the time of the aperitif, where a bag from a Portuguese friend has been stolen. It was on the seat of OUR car, just next to the window, obviously after they have broken it...

The next two days we were in the police with our Portugues friends trying to help them to get their documents back for leaving the Spaghetti Mandolino country.
After then, we all went to the Garda Lake. On Tuesday some other friends reached us - two of them after they have missed the plane. Then, we had never been one day alone!

That was a great honey moon! ;)
Here a bag I made for the summertime....and that I used for the first time in the lake's vacation.