Monday, January 30, 2012

Heute ist mein Geburtstag!

A Picture of pictures. How to renovate old magazines into something cute and colorful.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Double-face Ideas

Wanna have a look to my new experimental tablecloth & napkins set?
Last weekend my sewing machine came back from the death!
After hours of fixing it - the crazy cotton thread on the spool drove my crazy too - the prompt call of my mother came to the rescue. Afterwards I worked those items out.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Magic Lamp

Here we go!
This is one of the THingS I Do.
Exactly two days ago - after months of hardly thinking that I should make more light in my soft-light apartment - I collected all the useless pieces of lamps left from Ikea and not and I covered the wide top with some pieces of leftover tissues and glue. That's my new homemade lamp, which has raised some wonder amongst my friends and relatives.

2012 con amore!

With that collage, I put on a paper my wishes and dreams...who are pressing to be realized in 2012!
I just feel that is always liberating to pin our projects down in the beginning of the year, especially when in the very first month you are turning your age…
That's why this year I relieved my self with a fashion inspired collage with a German quote - while for almost one year my life is in the German corner of Switzerland - that says "2012, our life will change". I Hope it can be an inspiration for you as well.

Oz Inspiration

Hi! I want to stat from this my own picture, which I took in my first trip to Australia with D, last November. It was a bunch of burned eucalyptus trees along the outback between Broken Hill and Brisbane, trees that burn very easily and that are the one nutritional resource of the koalas. I start from here because in that one month trip I read a lot - while D was facing with the left-side of the road under 40 degrees Celsius and windows wide open. And in that one month trip I bought one-third-of-the-full-price book about frocks by an Aussie woman. I read it until the end, discovering that - overcoming my previous skepticism - even a book of cloths can have a lot of inspirations! I then think that I should start from here, and thanks those trees.