Friday, January 13, 2012

Oz Inspiration

Hi! I want to stat from this my own picture, which I took in my first trip to Australia with D, last November. It was a bunch of burned eucalyptus trees along the outback between Broken Hill and Brisbane, trees that burn very easily and that are the one nutritional resource of the koalas. I start from here because in that one month trip I read a lot - while D was facing with the left-side of the road under 40 degrees Celsius and windows wide open. And in that one month trip I bought one-third-of-the-full-price book about frocks by an Aussie woman. I read it until the end, discovering that - overcoming my previous skepticism - even a book of cloths can have a lot of inspirations! I then think that I should start from here, and thanks those trees.

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