Tuesday, April 3, 2012

London Pics

I'm not blogging for a while, but I've been planning and making a huge amount of one particular sewed stuff. I'm normally working on presents, so it's kind of weird to show them before I give them to the right people. But, sure, I'll come back as soon as I'll finish them.
It's a busy period coz I'm organizing the bigger party of my life, where I'll see almost all together the people who have been part of my life till now. That's a one life feeling I think.

Anyway I've been to London in the last time with a couple of close girlfriends and, besides the fact that everybody and everything looks like Kate (the royal one, even though the fashion one is always around as well), I saw some inspirational surrounding Stuff, especially in the crazy corner of Camden Town, while I'll not be able to reproduce, so I'll show to who of you is more handy than me with needles and crochet.

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