Saturday, April 28, 2012


To breakfast is one of my favorite action of the eating routine. It has been always changed, as the seasons and the places where I lived, as the different jobs and daily routine that I have constantly experienced. To wake up with hunger and to think about how to enjoy this very first moment of the day has been always a great pleasure for me. Biscuits and caffé-latte had accompanied my youth as well as the coco-pops melted in my bowl of milk or, if I was lucky and had some pocket-money with me, with a cream croissant bought in Bivi shop at the corner going to school. Cinnamon-cakes and hot chocolate have warmed my mornings in the Bergen library when I was studying there as an exchange student. My grandma biscuits and cakes with tea in the Christmas holiday mornings is an experience I'm always looking for when I go to visit her in Rome; Gaufre and cappuccino was my daily fast-break in the North Station of Brussels when I was rushing to Leuven to complete my internship; Muffins and huge cappuccino was my happiness after a witched-camping-night in the outback or next to a beach of Australia. And, nowadays, what I like most waking up in my Swiss studio looking outside the sun rising is my "unglaublich" M yogurt-like cereals and farm milk in the last won bowls from the favorite cereals brand of my boyfriend while drink another cup of coffee. Here some of my last Swiss made pics.

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