Monday, May 13, 2013

Puff with handmade polka dots

 Ohhh! It is since Easter I haven't written here...

My mind is at least every other day here in the blog, but after something is pushing me back.
I finally understood that I'm not really at ease with this blog, because I don't know yet if somebody is reading or what I show is really interesting.
Let's say that I do it for fun... even if sometimes it's not very funny without feedback..
But, the main reason why I wasn't writing, it is the loss of time.

In these days I'm am in the maternity premaman leave. I'm starting to make stuff that before I couldn't do.

Here is the stuff anyway that I made in the last period:

I decorated a simple white puff with new textil colors and a rounded sponge from the shoe-cleaner of my houseband.

 A "svuota-tasche" (empty pockets) that contains all the stuff from the pocket, like keys, wallet, coins, badges, and so on.

I did also an embrodery of the name of our future boy with a boat in a sheet for the small bad...


  1. Everything is simply lovely: starting from the Christmas cards! :) Keep on posting!!!

  2. thanks! stay tuned Caterina ;) Ale