Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Centrepiece with Coloured Pasta

In a moment full of decorative inspirations, due to the moving, I made up this centrepiece!

Those are the materials I use:

-1 big candle and 1 bigger transparent glass vase.
- 1/2 kg of penne rigate (or whatever shape of pasta that you most like).
- 3 acrylic colors and a white acrylic tube for the gradual mixing.
- 1 paint brush.
- 2 bowls: 1 for the colors and 1 for the water.

 1) After using the white to colors a 1/4 of the penne, and using the silver with the white to color another 1/4 of the penne, I mixed the light blu with the left mixed white-silver color.
Here I show you the last mix: I mixed the dark blu with the left mixed color.

And that's the centrepiece for our balkon!

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